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Tip #8 of 10: Assist Visually Impaired Loved...

Sep 20, 2018
In this 10-part video series, Paul Greenwood, the San Diego District Attorney, has been sharing great information a [more]
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5 Best Free Apps for Seniors

Sep 13, 2018
People of all ages depend on digital devices for information. Even the older generations use smartphones and tablet [more]
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Tip #7 of 10: Beware of Lottery Scams

Sep 06, 2018
Today’s video is focused on the topic of lottery scams. In this video series, we’re talking to Paul Greenwood, the [more]
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Why People Choose to Retire Abroad

Aug 23, 2018
Whether you have an adventurous heart or you are looking for less expensive retirement options, you might consider [more]
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Tip #6 of 10: Use Caller ID

Aug 16, 2018
If you are looking for ways to stamp out elder abuse among friends and family, then it is important to be proactive [more]
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Top 10 Dog Breeds for Retirees

Aug 09, 2018
Even though it feels good to step away from the structured environment in the workplace, many people find that reti [more]
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