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Are You in Dual Roles? Caregiver for an Aging Adult & an Employee?

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on February 22, 2018
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Whether you are a full-time or part-time employee, it can take a toll to juggle the responsibilities of work as well as the needs of an aging parent. So, we had a great discussion about this topic with Sarah Christ, a Care Advisor for Comfort Keepers. Sarah emphasized a concern that we’ve seen in the industry: that the full-time employees are under-talked about and under-served in the caregiving industry.

Caregiving and Employment: Finding the Balance

Sarah assists families in finding the right care services for an aging loved one. Solutions might include everything from caregiving to placement in a care community. Instead of assuming that the same solution is right for every person, it is important to consider the needs of the family and identify the best options that match individual circumstances.

People don’t talk enough about the impact of caring for a loved one while being a full-time employee. Many people are trying to work full-time jobs while caring for an aging parent, sometimes even trying to raise children of their own at the same time.

These dual responsibilities lead to extra missed days at work when the employee needs to take their parent to doctor’s appointments or there is a situation at home that they need to handle.

Finding Solutions for Caregiving Employees

Even if the caregiving person goes to work, they tend to be less productive because they are emotionally stressed out and mentally fatigued. Another trend is that working caregivers tend not to take job promotions as frequently. The caregiving circumstances might result in a situation where they are unable to move to a city that is far away, or they don’t have the extra time or energy available to dedicate to a job with more responsibilities.

There is a disconnect between the business community and the resources that are available to help employees who are in caregiving situations. For example, it is important that the HR directors and business owners are educated on resources that are available for their employees. When business management is familiar with these resources, they can help employees take advantage of the options. As a result, employees have the peace of mind that is needed to boost productivity and improve their results in the workplace.

Each week, Sarah is going to offer her insights about resources that are available. She will share her experiences so that we can address this issues in San Diego, and hopefully nationwide. If you have questions, then you can call Sarah at (619) 381-9116.

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