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4 Fun and Unique Activities for Retirees

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on February 1, 2018
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Just because you have reached retirement age, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a spark in your relationship! Many people find that the most fulfilling experiences happen in the golden years of their lives. Retirement is a time when you can connect with your family in a new way, and now is the perfect opportunity to show that you care.

Want a few suggestions? Here are a some ideas to consider:

Candlelight Dinner at Home

Relax in the comfort of your home with a candlelight dinner. Find a chef in the local area who will prepare the meal in your kitchen. You won’t have to fight the crowds in the busy restaurants. Instead, you can have a quiet, romantic place to share a good conversation and delicious food.

Weekday Getaway

Shake up your daily routine with a few days away together. Look for a relaxing bed and breakfast in wine country, or spend a few days at the beach. Skip the weekend crowds! Since you aren’t tied down to a work schedule, you can plan your getaway during the week when everyone else is in the office.

Family Gathering

Often, the best holidays are spent with many members of your family. Share the celebration with your spouse and other people that you love. For example, you might invite your grandchildren to come over for a fancy dinner. They will have a great time eating their meal with a nice tablecloth and Grandma’s best china plates.

Jewelry Shopping

Do you want to surprise your spouse with a special piece of jewelry for a big anniversary? Go shopping together to find a ring, bracelet or necklace to commemorate the years together. Every time the piece is worn, you will both remember the good memories that have been shared over the years.

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