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Robotics: The Future of In-Home Automation for People of All Ages

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on March 8, 2018
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As technology advances, robotics have been integrated into many aspects of business: manufacturing, restaurant food preparation, automotive, entertainment, and more. Businesses are proving the effectiveness of incorporating robots into systems, giving individuals a good basis to build these features into their homes.

Are you using robotics or smart technology in your home? As you are planning a place to live for retirement, look for the automated features that might help you maintain independence for as long as possible.

Robotics in Your Home

What technology should be used in your home? These are some of the robotics that might be beneficial to improve your lifestyle during retirement:

  • Stationary Robotics: These tools are often in small devices, such as a smartphone or radio speakers. You can use a personal assistant, such as Siri for iPhone or Alexa for Amazon Echo, to order products, listen to music, or make a phone call.
  • Robotic Pets: People love the option to have a companion in their home, but it can be a challenge to keep up with the chores that are needed to care for the animal. Instead of bringing in a real dog or cat, consider the option to use PARO, a companion robot designed with artificial intelligence. It responds to sound and touch, and can also exhibit emotions. People find that they can gain the psychological and physical benefits of a therapy pet, without the work required for a real animal.
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: There are a variety of products that can clean the floors, helping to manage the mess and reduce the risk of allergies due to dust bunnies. Consider the option to bring in a Roomba or EcoVacs for a hands-off cleaning service.
  • Healthcare Robotics: Other tools incorporate healthcare monitoring into daily living. These robotics are designed to help with medication compliance, helping doctors monitor the use and effectiveness of prescriptions.

If you are preparing to move to a new home for the golden years of your life, then talk to us at Greenwald & Gerke Realtors for the support that you need. We will help you choose a property that can incorporate all of the robotic features that you desire: (844) 782-9674