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The Salvation Army Makes it so Easy… #doingthemostgood

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on December 14, 2017
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We were pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with Dalita Lovett, Real Estate for Rehabilitation Director, for the Salvation Army.     Our discussion was on her directive at the Salvation Army and how it relates to a better community. Our first take away was centered on the expanded online presence the Salvation Army has innovated to make it easy to “do good” by donating a vast array of household items, stuff, and clutter of all shapes and sizes to their organization.

The superior reputation of the Salvation Army is very well documented.  Dalita noted, “You know your donation is going to help others when you make that online request for a pick up at your home from the Salvation Army.  A major benefactor of your donated goods is the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers”

Dalita made it a point to communicate that the opioid epidemic is having a major impact on communities throughout the United States.  Dalita noted, “The problem is spreading like wildfire through the country and the Salvation Army is working overtime to offer the support that is needed for addiction recovery. We know that to combat this epidemic, the addict needs to go to a location where he or she can avoid the temptation and heal.  The Salvation Army operates 150 centers across the nation in supporting this effort. Your donated goods go to support this cause.  The San Diego facility has 130 beds and most of the folks who stay in recovery are there from 6 months to 2 years.  These services are free of charge due to the donations that keep the centers running.”

Donating to the Salvation Army

Clear the clutter in your home and donate to a great organization and cause.  Go online today at or call 1-800-728-7825 to schedule your pickup.  You can choose to talk to a real person or you can make it all happen online.  Either way, the Salvation Army will come to your home for the pickup and provide you with a receipt that you may be able to utilize as an itemized deduction on your tax return.

At Greenwald & Gerke Realtors, we love to see the local efforts that help our community.  Our team is always here to help if you have questions about real estate in San Diego: Call us today at 844-782-9674

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