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Real Estate Services & Senior Resources


Most older adults wish to stay in their homes as long as they can. However, in some cases, a move becomes necessary due to financial or health challenges. Some active adults choose to move as they age, downsizing to a smaller home or relocating to a senior residential community. No matter the reasons for a home sale, it can be an overwhelming experience for those involved.

There are many things to consider – from selling or donating unwanted furnishings and preparing the property to sell, to dealing with various professionals and finding a new home.

We specialize in assisting aging adults and their families through the sale of a home by serving as a single point of contact for the comprehensive services.


What is the Senior Stay or Go™ Program?

If the decision is to remain in the current house…

  1. Talk to us. We specialize in assisting aging adults and their families.
  2. Safety Review – We can advise you on home safety and any steps you may need to take to improve it.
  3. Resources – If changes are needed, we can refer you to the proper professionals
  4. Continued assistance – We’ll make periodic visits and suggestions to continue to make your home safe and secure.
  5. Financial information – We can provide up to date analysis of home values to make sure you have the right information to make sound financial decisions with the support of your financial advisor, attorney, CPA, and others.
  6. Options – We’ll continue to keep you up to date on your options, whether you have elected to age in place or have decided to “rightsize”.
  7. Ongoing Support – You’ll be able to tap in to our network of experts to help you navigate the medical, legal, financial, and family challenges you’ll be facing.

We listen to you and collaborate with professionals who can inform and assist you with:

+Fiduciary/estate planning/life planning

+Home renovations and accessibility upgrades

+Legal, financial, tax questions

+Personal Property Disposition

+Home Repair/Remodeling/Upgrading

+Information on Senior Communities

+Home Care & Home Health Care

+Non-profit and Government Agency assistance



If you make the decision to relocate…

The Senior Stay or Go™ Program simplifies the home selling process. Whether your rightsizing, moving to a senior community, you count on us to project manager and timeline the logistics of moving while driving top dollar for the sale of your home.

Our value-add comprehensive services works like this…

  1. Talk to us. As previously mentioned, we specialize in assisting aging adults and their families
  2. Project management – We’ll handle the necessary steps to alleviate stress due to the moving process.
  3. Coordination of Property – We’ll make sure the distribution of personal property happens appropriately to family members, friends, charity, estate sale, clean out, etc…
  4. Options – We’ll help you sort you all the incoming noise to help you make sure you have considered all your housing options.
  5. Paperwork – Discuss with you well in advance all the necessary paperwork that will be required of you to sell the home.
  6. Referrals – We’ll introduce you to professionals who can help you organize, sort, pack, and move.
  7. Senior Living – we’ll introduce you to resources who can assist you locating the perfect senior living community.
  8. Communication with Family – We’ll help you to communicate with all of your loved ones who you wish to be part of this process.
  9. The complete package of support – resources in obtaining VA benefits, Medicare plans, financial planning, estate planning, home care, transportation, and much more
  10. Bids and Estimates – if repair work is needed on your home, we’ll help you to obtain all the necessary bids and estimates so you can make wise financial decisions.
  11. Market Watch – We continually monitor home market selling conditions to make sure we drive top dollar for the sale of your home.
  12. Selling Plan – We’ll provide you with a 100 point selling plan during the time your home is on the market to help drive the goal of maximizing your proceeds from the sale of the home.

The goal for the Senior Stay or Go™ Program is a thorough and compassionate assessment of your unique situation. We will help you explore all your options. We will make sure you are making an informed decision. If the decision is to move, our work efforts will be to reduce the trepidation of moving and turn the experience into an pleasant and happy time that sets you on the path to a new and robust chapter in your life.