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Crime Prevention Specialist, Glennis Gould Joins Us to Discuss Elder Abuse

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on April 18, 2019
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We talked to Glennis Gould, a crime prevention specialist with the San Diego County Sheriff’s department. Our goal with this conversation is to share information about the risks and prevention of elder abuse. This issue is prevalent across the country, and it is important to be proactive with protection for your loved ones.

All Ages are at Risk, Especially Seniors

Any age can be targeted by scammers, but the most vulnerable demographics are those who are inexperienced, isolated, or are having memory problems. The suspects use a variety of methods to target seniors, including a door approach, sending mail, and online. Currently, the #1 way that the suspect reaches their victims is by phone.

Sometimes, the caller ID shows a number that you know or even your own phone number. This strategy entices people to pick up the phone because they think it might be a friend or family member. The most important thing that you can do is be cautious about answering these calls or sharing information over the phone. The scammers are creative to make it seem like a legitimate call and try to make you think that they are calling from your bank, credit card provider, the IRS, or a computer servicing company. These are all common scams that are happening every day throughout the US.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

When it comes to email scams, never make the mistake of clicking a link in the email. This problem can also happen with text messages as well. Often, the links will install a virus or malware that gives the hackers access to your accounts and information.

Be careful to avoid answering numbers that you don’t recognize. If you pick up the call, then you are put on a “sucker list” which means that they will call more frequently with different scams. Instead, wait for the voicemail so that you can decide if a legitimate person is trying to get in touch with you.

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