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Decoding Social Media Lingo: Understanding Current Phrases Online

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on August 15, 2019
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Technology has made it simple for people of all ages to stay connected with friends and family online. As a grandparent, do you enjoy the benefits of video chatting or texting with children and grandchildren who live in other states?

Guide to Digital Slang and Lingo

Once you understand how to use the apps and technology, it can be a challenge to learn the slang phrases and abbreviations. These terms are often used on social media and via text, making it difficult to understand the meaning of the text if you don’t recognize the phrases.

Today, we are sharing some of these common phrases, to help you stay current with the messages that you might be reading online:

  • BRB = Be right back
  • Dead = Exhausted or overwhelmed
  • Dope/Lit/Sic = Awesome or cool
  • GOAT = Greatest of all time
  • Woke = Enlightened
  • Shook = Someone is shocked or surprised
  • Bae = “Before anyone else,” often referring to a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • OMG = Oh My God
  • TBH = To be honest
  • Savage = Harsh
  • TLDR = Too long; didn’t read
  • YOLO = You only live once
  • Hangry = Hungry and angry
  • POS = Parents over shoulder (warning friends that adults are reading)
  • Tool = Some who is stupid
  • V = Very

Some of these terms are harmless and a normal part of a conversation. But there are times when alarming codes or acronyms are used in texting or social media messages. As a parent or grandparent, you should definitely watch for these terms that could indicate the teen is participating in risky behavior:

  • WTTP = Want to trade photos
  • 53X = Sex
  • Molly = A dangerous party drug
  • Turnt Up = Drunk or high
  • Juice = Booze or drugs

If you don’t understand the meaning of a message, then you can always look up terms on Urban Dictionary. This website is a great resource that can be used to decode text messages or other online conversation.

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