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Join Us at PFAC 2020

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on February 13, 2020
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We are Ron Greenwald and Patti Gerke, of the Greenwald & Gerke Realty team. We are here today to tell you about our experiences at the previous Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) conferences we’ve attended, spoken at, and sponsored. We’ve had great experiences ourselves, and also found it helpful to understand the experiences of the fiduciaries we work with. After the conference, we love to have these conversations to hear about how the takeaways from the conference have assisted fiduciaries in the cases they are working on.

We know that when the fiduciary comes back to their office in San Diego, or wherever their headquarters are located, they really open up to us about the fabulous meetings they attended. They talk about how they were able to expand their service providers to offer the best service to their clients and the client’s family, as well as working with the attorney much closer.

Success Story After PFAC

We had a situation after the last conference: the fiduciary was working with a client who was living alone, her husband had passed away, and her cognitive abilities were declining. There were major red flags that she needed help: she was paying a gardener who wasn’t gardening and a housekeeper who wasn’t housekeeping. Additionally, she had a reverse mortgage that was increasing at $5,000 per month.

She had three children who were out of state. The children were called in to discuss the situation. With the assistance of the children, the fiduciary, and the attorney, they were able to work with a senior move manager, a charity, and an aging life specialist.

We were able to assist in helping mom move, not only to a senior community – but also across the country. Personal property was dispersed and donated to charity. All in all, it worked great! Everyone worked together and it was a successful transition for the senior.

We’ll See You at the Conference!

The above example shows why we are hoping that you will attend the 2020 conference in San Francisco. For more information, you can go to for information about the conference. See you in May!

Our team at Greenwald & Gerke is working hard to provide full-service support for people in their retirement years. Call us for more information about the PFAC conference or the retirement real estate services that are available: (844) 782-9674.