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Paul Greenwood’s Tip #2: Keep an Inventory of Your Jewelry

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on June 7, 2018
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In the 2nd tip of this video series, we talked to Paul Greenwood about keeping an inventory of your jewelry. As the San Diego District Attorney, Paul has seen many situations that happen to cause seniors to become victims of elder abuse.

Jewelry is the #1 Item Stolen from Seniors

If someone is looking for something valuable in a senior’s home, then it is common to check the jewelry box for items that can be sold at a pawn shop. Jewelry made of precious metals and real gemstones can be valuable, which is why it is often targeted.

It might take the senior awhile to notice that the jewelry is missing. At this stage in life, the senior probably doesn’t dress up often, which means that the theft could go unnoticed unless the jewelry is documented.

Protecting Your Jewelry

A few proactive steps can go a long way to reduce the risk of jewelry being stolen:

  • Lock up the jewelry at all times. Keep it in a safe or lockbox that is out of sight.
  • Create an inventory list and file that paper in a separate location. Be detailed on the list, with information about the sizing, colors, designs, and more. It doesn’t matter if the item is sentimental, valuable, or both. You must list a brief description so that you know the items that should be in the storage location.
  • Photos offer a great way to maintain an inventory of the jewelry collection. In addition to the written list, have a few photos filed as well. This information can be stored in a filing cabinet with printed photos. Also, keep copies of the digital files on a computer hard drive with a secured backup system. Another option is to record a video of the jewelry.

In the event that jewelry does go missing, then this information is essential so that we can identify it quickly. Hopefully, we can recover the items before they end up at a pawn shop and get melted down.

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