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Tech Tips for Seniors: Staying Relevant in a Digital World

Posted by Greenwald and Gerke on July 18, 2019
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Technology is changing quickly! Regardless of your age, it is important that you are staying current with the new features and devices so you can stay relevant in a world that is advancing each year. Not only are these devices used by the younger generations, but people in retirement are finding the many ways that technology can be helpful to enhance their lives.

Be Open to New Ideas and Opportunities

It is easy to get stuck in our ways, often following the same habits and patterns that guide our daily activities. While it can be good to maintain a routine, make sure that you are proactive to be open to differing options. Talk to other people to learn about their perspectives and ideas. Look for ways that your friends and family are using digital tools and resources in their lives so that you can learn from their ideas.

Consult Google

Have you recently heard of a new tool or digital platform, but you are unsure about how to use it to improve your lifestyle? Google can be a great resource! Search for specific product names or features that you need. You will find video tutorials, user guides, and other helpful resources that can support you through the learning curve of using new technology.

Smart Home Technology

Certain tools can be used in the home to help you maintain comfort and independence through all stages of retirement. Look into options to improve the function of your home with WiFi enabled appliances, digital security systems, and more.

Ask for Help When Needed

Spend time with your children and grandchildren to understand how they are using technology in their homes. You can find ideas for your own home and implement these devices to improve your own lifestyle. If you find it a challenge to integrate technology in your home, then don’t be shy to reach out to family and friends to ask for help. Many people are happy to offer a quick tutorial on how to use a specific app or the easiest way to manage home technology features.

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